Starting the School Year Fresh With a Clean Car

Back to school shopping is all about starting the academic year with a fresh new style that makes you feel good.  From your clothes to your school supplies to your style, you want to look like the best version of yourself when walking through those school doors in the fall.  But what about your car?  Most of us can’t afford a new car every school year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t freshen up your ride to help you tackle the school year with gusto.  With an auto detailing, your car can look and feel like new for a very reasonable price.


How a Car Detailing Makes Your Vehicle Look Like New

No matter how much you love your ride, and how much you baby your car and take great care of it, over time cosmetic issues will come up.  On the exterior, scratches can make your paint job look shabby, and road grime like tar and soot can leave your vehicle looking drab.  In the interior, spills and debris can wear down your upholstery, and make your ride look messy and old.  But some basic auto detailing can help you fix both of these issues, and have your ride looking like new.


Exterior detailing work starts with a very deep and thorough front to back cleaning,paying attention to your wheel wells and making sure to remove all accumulated grime.  Then, a buffer is used to repair scratches and deepen paint color.  Finally, a wax sealant is applied to keep your car looking fresh and shiny for the upcoming school year.  With an interior detailing, all upholstery is air blasted to loosen debris and grime.  Then a thorough vacuuming is completed, followed by a spot treatment with a high powered commercial hot-water extractor, completely tackling even the toughest stains.  Combine all of that, and you end up with a car that looks brand new from inside out.


Detailing is Cheaper Than You Think

How much would you pay for a brand new version of your car?  Essentially, that’s what a good detailing can accomplish, and probably for a lot cheaper than you’d expect.  For exterior services, you can get just about everything mentioned above for $150 for small cars, $160 for medium cars, and $170 for large vehicles.  For interior detailing services, you pay just $159, $169, and $179 respectively.  That means for just a few hundred dollars, you car can look brand new for the school year.  That’s quite a deal for a ride that feels and looks brand new!