The Cheapest New Car You Will Ever Give as a Gift

Do you want a new car for your birthday? Many of us do, but new cars are expensive. Thankfully, there is a great way to get that “new car” feel that everyone loves without having to shell out tens of thousands of dollars: a full car detailing. Having your car detailed can renew and invigorate your car just like a power nap can give you extra pep and energy. There are many ways a thorough detailing session can make your car look and feel like new.


Paint care

The paint on your car is just like the skin on your body. It is constantly exposed to the elements eventually it begins to show signs of age. When a car is detailed, the paint gets extra-special care. The surface gets cleaned, any mars get corrected, and the surface gets protected. It’s like your car is getting a facial at a spa.


Chassis and wheels

Obviously, the chassis does not get much attention during a standard car wash. So, it can easily become neglected. A full car detailing will clean the chassis, so it works like new. The wheels also get special treatment. Not only are they cleaned until they shine, the wheel wells, anti-roll bars and control arms also get cleaned as well.


Lights and exterior trim

Both head and tail lights are cleaned and polished. They are also sealed with a plastic sealant to add some extra protection. Chrome trim is meticulously cleaned and polished until it shines. Plastic and vinyl trim receive a special protectant that aids in their preservation by preventing fading and cracking.


Interior detailing

The interior of the car is not ignored during a full detailing. The seats are cleaned with a special shampoo or steam cleaner. Any leather that is inside the car is cleaned and specially treated with a conditioner. The best detailing services include the trunk as part of their full detailing package.


Engine bay

Even the engine area is not ignored in a full detailing session. The engine is treated with a light misting of water. Then it is degreased and rinsed clean. Finally, all of the plastic, rubber, and silicone components are treated to prevent them from cracking.


Once every inch of your car has been thoroughly taken care of in the full detailing, you won’t believe your eyes. It will look and feel showroom new. Consider giving a loved one a full car detailing gift certificate as a birthday gift. It will be the cheapest new car you’ve ever purchased!